MustangMedic live stream at the Washington monument in the national mall

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Good conversation tonight, thank you.


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MustangMedic Mission
1. For us the listen to each other.
2. To be able to respectfully disagree
3. Love one another (lift someone up)

You will feel better about yourself if you do all three. But, number three will most likely be the biggest impact on your attitude about life.

Todays featured Playlist, the Operation of the capital January 20th early morning. I was the only one there to video this historic event that we still do not know the reason why it happened:

I’m not asking you to trust me, look to at least 9 sources before making your own judgment. That’s what I ( MustangMedic ) strive for. If we have one source or a number of them, we will let you know, we typically call that “chatter” on our reporting.

PayPal (Monthly support) helps us project where we are going to live. Please do not hesitate do donate once though. We greatly appreciate your support.

To many News organizations report what they say are facts from reliable sources, without naming them, that’s cold here saying and not admissible in court. The only fact you have is a witness connected to a story… you cannot report it as fact.

I believe the reason there is so much interest in what I report and give opinions on, is because people are thirsting for the truth. You want to know what’s going on, really going on in Washington DC. Too long we have been lied to and we now know it… they don’t seem to know that we know they are lying because we have so many sources at our finger tips.

I’m not going to stop pursuing the truth. We have to trust God, be peaceful and listen to each other, watch and Pray. My recommendation is Pray first.

I have always been sincere online and have over 8000+ videos that prove it. I’m not going to change anything uploaded in the past or hide it, I know the truth is out there and we are going to find it. You need multiple sources to find the truth. Don’t trust me, trust what you investigate yourself, my expression is… don’t be a sheep.

Please share these videos, I believe they are important because of the current state of our country. It’s not about the views it’s about the message. You must state MustangMedic produced them though… if you don’t, the MustangMedic Digital Soldiers on Telegram will take action to give your account a ⚠️ copyright strike or taken down completely.

If you are not part of this very active group please report the offender to this group on Telegram thank you.
Link to the group chat.

We are in #historictimes. You and I, both know it. 🇺🇸

I felt that I had to be here on January 6th and I haven’t left yet. I will leave when God tells me too. Although new at journalism, I’m here reporting from the ground in Washington, DC. So that’s what I’m going do until further notice.

If you see a value in my reporting please donate, financial support is needed to continue this mission to pursue the facts on the ground in DC and stay independent without financial influence.

MustangMedic, The peoples Journalist. I walk by faith… trusting in Jesus Christ, only Him.
William Wieting


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Please look at every character above. There are at least 3 fake MustangMedic accounts out there deceiving MustangMedic viewers. Report them immediately thank you.

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6700+ Strong, please be respectful we need to listen to different points of view.

At this moment our vintage merchandise is from when I worked on Ford Mustangs. A number of new designs are on the way! You can see previews on our Instagram account.

👊🤠🇺🇸 ™️

The People’s Journalist.
Spread the good word.

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